Industrial Separation Equipment

size separation equipment

The phrase “separating the wheat from the chaff” is very old - proving size separation has a long history. Separation by size is a fundamental dry material processing step and equipment selection has to be properly coordinated with the rest of the process in mind, particularly size reduction equipment.

The idea of separating material by size is simple, but the broad range of equipment styles shows the complexity that can be involved in making the right separation technology choice. We will help you.

Most common technologies required by our customers include:

  • Vibrating Screen Separators
  • Gyratory reciprocating screeners
  • Centrifugal screeners
  • Static grizzly screens
  • Vibrating grizzly screens
  • Dynamic air classification systems

If our customers have a separation brand preference for industrial separation equipment, we are happy to respect that but usually we are asked to recommend the most appropriate choice for your unique project requirements.

Stedman Machine Company has in-house separation experience allowing us to work with many partner companies to collaborate on project. We coordinate crushing and screening tests so the process design is driven by test data on YOUR material, not guesswork.

vibrating separation machine industrial separation equipment