F-Series™ Cage Mill

The F-Series, or Flared Series, Cage Mill features a unique flared discharge opening, efficiently reducing the wettest and stickiest of materials without clogging.

The cage mill or pulverizer mill equipment design allows for a variety of high moisture, sticky materials to be reduced with less downtime for cleaning - virtually eliminating the problem of clogging and plugging - compared to other size reduction mills.

Cage Mill Applications

  • Industrial Applications: F-Series Cage Mills can reduce the size of gelatin, salt, oyster and clam shells, distillers dry grain and more
  • Agricultural Industry: Common applications include crushing animal renderings, grains, fertilizer, aglime and agricultural gypsum
  • Energy Industry: Reduce the size of materials such as coal
  • Brick & Clay Industry: Reduce the size of clays including wet clays
  • Mining Industry: Common materials include minerals such as phosphate rock

Download the Flared Series brochure for typical product gradations for coal, ore, slag and clay.

F-Series Pulverizer Mill Features and Benefits

  • The flared housing design eliminates corners that trap material, reducing clogging and down time
  • The flared design offers high capacities for the initial investment and a lower operating costs
  • Cage designs allow for multi-stage reduction, providing higher product reduction
  • Capable of producing a variety of product gradations, easily altered by changing the mill speed
  • CE and TUV compliant

F-Series Cage Mill Models

ModelFeed Size (Max)CapacitySmall Cage HP (Max)Large Cage HP (Max)
F-303/4"6-123050Quote »
F-361"15-305075Quote »
F-442"30-60100150Quote »
F-503"60-100200250Quote »
F-603-1/2"100-200300400Quote »

Capacities vary depending on feed size, feed rate, operating conditions, desired product output, characteristics of feed material, and equipment configuration.


Don’t get stuck in a corner...
We invite you to use our Testing and Toll Processing Facility where we have processed thousands of materials from manganese ore to laundry detergent. Our experts will help choose the right machine to get the precise gradation you need! To learn more about what to expect from testing, read this article that ran in POWDER BULK ENGINEERING magazine.

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