H-Series™ Impact Mills

The Stedman H-Series multi cage mill is best at pulverizing, grinding, crushing and mixing abrasive and non-abrasive materials – wet, sticky or dry. The H-Series works more efficiently than other types of pulverizer machines and provides a finer, more uniform grind.

H-Series cage mills can handle up to 240 tons per hour and are reversible for extended wear life. The H-Series cage mill is engineered and constructed to operate at or near-peak efficiency longer, providing a greater return on capital investment over its life than competing equipment.

H-Series Features and Benefits

  • Capable of producing a variety of product gradations, easily altered by changing the impact mill speed
  • Quick-opening housing for inspection and maintenance allows for minimum downtime for wear part replacement and inspection
  • Inspections typically require only 5 minutes and complete change out of wear components in as little as one hour or less versus 4 hours or more with other mills
  • Compact, unitized construction, occupies up to 45% less floor space
  • Reversible Design
  • Provides optimum utilization of crushing components
  • CE and TUV compliant

Each H-Series Impact Mill housing can accommodate two-, four-, or six-row cage assemblies. This versatility is further enhanced by the capability to vary the number of pins in each row, to vary the rotational speed of each cage in relation to the other(s), and to change the relative direction of rotation of the cages.

For wet material applications, air cannons are mounted at the intake and discharge to help prevent buildup of wet material.

A hydraulically-operated, quick-opening retractor provides rapid access to crushing components for inspection or changeout. The quick opening feature allows prescheduling of downtime for parts change out based on regular inspections. Inspection requires about five minutes, complete change-out of wear components as little as one hour, or less, compared to 10-hours or more on other mills. 


Impact Mill Applications

  • Agricultural Industry: Common applications include crushing grains, animal feed, aglime, corn, fertilizer and agricultural gypsum
  • Energy Industry: Reduce the size of materials such as coal, corn fiber and more
  • Industrial Applications: H-Series Cage Mills can reduce the size of gelatin, salt, aluminum dross and more
  • Brick & Clay Industry: Applications and materials for this industry include roof tile, floor tile, shale, clay and more
  • Mining & Minerals Industry: Common materials include minerals such as potash

H-Series Cage Mill Models

ModelFeed Size (Max)CapacitySmall Cage HP (Max)Large Cage HP (Max)
H-401-1/2"20-355075Quote »
H-482"35-70100150Quote »
H-542-1/2"75-150200250Quote »
H-622-1/2"80-240300400Quote »

Capacities vary depending on feed size, feed rate, operating conditions, desired product output, characteristics of feed material, and equipment configuration.


Break Into Your New Cage Mill
The Stedman Testing & Toll Processing Facility is the place to test your material in our full size equipment. If it can be crushed, ground, pulverized or mixed, chances are we’ve done it. Schedule your product testing in our H-Series today. To learn more about what to expect from testing, read this article that ran in POWDER BULK ENGINEERING magazine.

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