Agricultural Crushers

agricultural products that need to be crushed

Stedman Machine Company designs, develops and delivers high-performing, low-maintenance, long-lasting pulverizers and crushers perfect for demanding agricultural uses, including crushing aglime, processing animal feed, and milling grain and corn.

Stedman Machine’s reliable, durable cage mills and hammer mills are expertly engineered, sturdily constructed, and rigidly tested to meet the exacting specifications you require for heavy-duty agricultural crushing and size reduction.

Supplying the product you need

Stedman Machine’s H-Series™ Cage Mill, F-Series™ Cage Mill and industrial and full circle hammer mills deliver the power and performance you need for all agricultural uses.

H-Series Cage Mill

The Stedman H-Series Multi Cage Mill pulverizes, grinds and crushes abrasive and non-abrasive materials – wet, sticky or dry. The H-Series model works more efficiently than other types of pulverizers and provides a finer, more uniform grind.

Use the H-Series cage mill to crush aglime, animal feed, corn, fertilizer and agricultural gypsum.

  • Reliable: Can handle up to 240 tons per hour
  • Durable: Reversible for extended wear and operates at or near-peak efficiency longer
  • Versatile: Can produce various gradations by changing operating parameters
  • Practical: Hydraulically-operated, quick-opening housing allows for easy access for inspection and service
  • CE and TUV compliant

F-Series Cage Mill

The F-Series Cage Mill Crusher features a unique flared discharge opening, efficiently reducing the wettest and stickiest of materials without clogging and decreasing down time for cleaning.

Use the F-Series cage mill crusher to crush aglime or process animal renderings, grains, and agricultural gypsum.

  • Flared housing eliminates corners that trap material, reducing clogging
  • Capable of multi-stage reduction
  • Variable mill speed
  • CE and TUV compliant

Industrial Hammer Mill Grinders

Stedman offers three types of industrial hammer mill grinders ideal for crushing animal feed, and grains.

Both the Type A "Up Running" Hammer Mills and Type B "Down Running" Hammer Mills efficiently and effectively pulverize soft and rough materials into a finished particle.

Full Circle Hammer Mill

Stedman full circle hammer mills grind corn, grains, bio-mass and process animal renderings.

  • Capacities up to 35 tons per hour
  • Air swept
  • Higher throughput
  • Greater screen area
  • Small footprint
  • Easily accessible doors
  • Quick release screens
  • Drop-in, quick-secured screens
  • Reversible
  • Externally adjustable intake

Stedman’s dedicated and professional staff can determine which grinder is right for you by feed size, feed rate, operating conditions and desired product output.


Test Before You Buy!

Why Test?

Stedman's testing facilities provide real-world conditions to view your materials being processed. Test out a range of different size reduction methods, saving you both time and money when selecting the proper size reduction method.

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Delivering the equipment and service you deserve

For nearly two centuries, Stedman Machine Company has produced quality, reliable and durable size reduction and industrial crushing equipment. Stedman has expert field service and installation technicians ready to assist with all maintenance and equipment commissioning needs.

  • Unsurpassed industry experience – operating since 1834
  • State-of-the-art equipment testing facilities
  • Dedicated, professional staff
  • Parts and service available 24 hours a day