Secondary Impact Crushers

The Stedman Grand-Slam secondary impact crushers are built to handle thousands of materials, ores, and chemicals in wet and dry applications. The crushing action of the Grand-Slam HSI delivers properly sized material the first time through. 

The field-proven, Stedman Grand Slam secondary impact crushers will give you years of dependable and profitable service. Innovative features make it superior in performance to any type any of its kind today. These are available in 12 low maintenance, minimum downtime models with interchangeable breaker bars, breaker plates and side liners for all models.

Design simplicity offers safe and easy access for breaker bar replacement and unexcelled access to all other areas of the crushing chamber. The front opening feature eliminates need for a crane. If preferred, Stedman also offers a rear opening housing on all models of our stone crushing machine.

Unexcelled in throughput

The feed enters the primary crushing chamber and meets the breaker bars which impel the feed against the front breaker plate. This action and the collision of material against new feed results in impact reduction. Material is sufficiently reduced in the primary chamber and passed by the front breaker plate, entering the secondary chamber for final reduction. Breaker plates are shaft suspended at the front and from a spindle in the rear, allowing for continuous gap adjustment as wear progresses and assuring superior product control.

This stone crushing machine has a multi-turn breaker bar for extended life before change out and provides years of dependable service. The features of the Grand-Slam deliver unmatched throughput of any competitive machine on the market, making the Grand-Slam HSI highly economical.

Secondary Impact Crusher Applications

  • Aggregate Industry: Common materials that Grand-Slam Impact Crushers can crush include limestone, frac sand, gravel, stone, concrete and RAP (asphalt recycling)
  • Brick & Clay Industry: Applications and materials for this industry include residential, commercial and paving bricks, glass, fired clays, shale, floor tile and more
  • Energy Industry: Reduce the size of materials such as coal
  • Industrial Applications: Grand-Slam Stone Crushing Machines can reduce the size of slag (aluminum dross, copper, steel, etc.) amongst other industrial materials
  • Food Waste ApplicationsStedman’s Grand-Slam line of granite crushing machines are built to handle thousands of materials in wet and dry applications.

Grand-Slam HSI Models

(TPH - Tons per Hour)
Horsepower (HP) 
GS3030 20-30 30-50 Quote »
GS3630 30-50 50-75 Quote »
GS4230 65-110 100-200 Quote »
GS4260 130-200 200-300 Quote »
GS4860 180-300 300-450 Quote »
GS5460 220-350 300-450 Quote »
GS5490 350-600 500-700 Quote »
GS6460 330-600 500-600 Quote »
GS6490 700-1600 600-1000 Quote »

Grand Slam HSI Features and Benefits

  • High reduction ratios up to 30:1
  • Cubical gravel crusher with high crush count.
  • Selective crushing by speed and breaker plate adjustment
  • Interchangeable wear parts
  • Capacities from 5 to 1,600 TPH
  • Available with front or rear opening housings
  • Feed sizes up to 16”
  • One-man changeout of breaker bars
  • CE and TUV compliant

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Stedman's testing facilities provide real-world conditions to view your materials being processed. Test out a range of different size reduction methods, saving you both time and money when selecting the proper size reduction method.

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