Industrial Hammer Mill Grinders

The ideal grinder necessary is determined by feed size, feed rate, operating conditions and desired product output for processing. Stedman offers two types of industrial hammer mill grinders - Type A "Up Running" Hammer Mills and Type B "Down Running" Hammer Mills - that transform the consistency of soft and rough materials by using the pulverizing technique of a hammer mill grinder to produce a finished particle. View our line of A&B Series hammer mills.

A&B Hammer Mill Applications

Stedman industrial hammer mill grinders are suitable as an animal feed hammer mill grinder as well as a variety of other applications such as:

  • Agricultural Industry: Common applications include crushing animal feed, grains, sugar cane and more
  • Industrial Applications: Hammer mills can reduce the size of salts, meat & fish meal, crab, clam & oyster shells, and more
  • Energy Industry: Reduce the size of materials such as coal, corn stalks, wood, biomass and biofuels
  • Minerals & Mining Industry: Common materials include minerals such as graphite and chemicals such as calcium carbonate

A&B Series Hammer Mill Models

(TPH - Tons per Hour)
Horsepower (HP)Feed Opening (in.)Speed (Max RPM)Weight (without motor) 
15x12 1-4 30 12"x13" 3600 1100 Quote »
20x12 3-30 50 15"x13" 3600 2300 Quote »
20x18 4-40 75 16"x19" 3600 3400 Quote »
24x20 6-60 100 18"x21" 2400 3100 Quote »
30x24 9-90 125 26"x26" 1800 5700 Quote »
30x30 11-110 150 32"x36" 1800 7200 Quote »
36x36 13-130 200 32"x38" 1200 19500 Quote »
42x60 30-300 250 23"x66" 900 21600 Quote »

Capacities vary depending on feed size, feed rate, operating conditions, desired product output, characteristics of feed material, and equipment configuration.

What is the difference between A and B Series Industrial Hammer Mill Grinders?

"Up running," or the A Series feed grinder, provides multiple size reduction stages for materials and "down running," or B Series Hammer Mills, are most suitable for fibrous materials due to high concentration of shearing actions within the unit.

Type A “Up Running” Hammer Mill Grinder

The A series grinder uses perforated screens or grate bars for reducing soft to medium hard materials. The material to be reduced determines the rotor construction of a Stedman Hammer Mill. The rotors used in the Type A hammer mills are adjustable to compensate for wear.

  • Shattering by revolving hammers
  • Impaction against housing liners
  • Grinding on the adjustable grinding plate
  • Shearing by the grate bars or screen 

Type B “Down Running” Hammer Mill Grinder

The B series grinder utilizes specially designed heavy reversible hammers, working in conjunction with Stedman’s adjustable breaker plate enables the Hammer Mill to produce exceptionally uniform product with the lowest possible maintenance.

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