Lump Breakers

What is a Lump Breaker?

Lump breakers, also referred to as lump crushers, are size reduction machines that crush materials with their state-of-the-art blades. Lump breaking equipment is able to reduce lumps created in the production, storage or transportation of bulk solids and powders - without generating excessive dust and fines. The rotation of specially shaped blades through a fixed comb gives an efficient lump breaking action.

Lump Breaker Machines:

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Lump Breaker Industry & Application Usage

Stedman lump breakers are economical, functional, and can be used to process a variety of materials. Common industries and applications for lump crushing equipment include:

Stedman Lump Breaker Machines

Take your lumps – and get rid of them. Lump crusher design series includes the Aurora™ dual-rotor, Aurora Single Rotor, and the chain mill. Stedman's lump breaker machines are efficient and effective in size reduction for many products in various applications.

Aurora™ Lump Breaker

This dual rotor crusher features a dual shaft design that produces a higher throughput and smaller particles.

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Chain Mill

Chain mills represent a cost-effective crushing solution for a reducing a wide variety of materials.

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Features & Benefits

  • 6 Standard sizes, and custom sizes available
  • Compact low-profile design
  • High wear materials available
  • Reversible
  • Double-end wall construction
  • Direct or gear reduction drives
  • Stainless steel, Air purge seals, carbide overlays and other options are available
  • There are minimal differences in lumpbreaker design

Test Before You Buy!

Why Test?

Stedman's testing facilities provide real-world conditions to view your materials being processed. Test out a range of different size reduction methods, saving you both time and money when selecting the proper size reduction method.

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Stedman Machine is a leading lump crushing equipment manufacturer with the ability to provide customer service across the globe. Our experienced team will work with you to create the best lump breaker system to make your processes the most efficient. Call us for more information!

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