Aggregate Crushing Machines


Many different industries have a solid foundation rooted in aggregates. Recognizing the extensive use of these aggregates motivates us to continuously create and improve our equipment to help you increase production, decrease maintenance and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Limestone, sand and gravel are used for building and public works projects.  These materials are key ingredients in cement, concrete and asphalt for construction of roads, buildings, and bridges.

Specialty uses of limestone include the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, paint, paper, caulking, and glass. Flooring materials, carpet and plastics all contain finely ground limestone. Common antacids are virtually 100% finely ground limestone. Farmers use limestone to neutralize acidity in their soils, saving money by reducing fertilizer use while improving crop yields.

Our field-proven crushing solutions will give you years of dependable and profitable service. Innovative features make Stedman machines superior in performance.

Aggregate Industry Applications

  • Limestone
  • Sand & Gravel
  • MSHA Rock Dust
  • Gypsum
  • Frac Sand
  • Roof Shingles
  • Sandstone
  • Lightweight Aggregates
  • Shale
  • Chicken Grit
  • Ice Grit
  • Animal Feed Supplements
  • Concrete Roof Tile
  • Shells


There’s no reason to guess what method will meet your needs.
The Stedman Testing and Toll Processing Facility is the place to test your material in our full size equipment. If it can be crushed, ground, pulverized or mixed, chances are we’ve done it. We have more than 10,000 test reports to help get you to the best solution quickly.

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