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Crush Test Machines & Toll Grinding


Our size reduction crush testing equipment is available for your products, whether you are interested in testing or in our full service toll crushing processing facility.

Just minutes from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, it is perfect for one day testing visits. Highly trained and experienced technicians guide you through the testing processes with your material to help determine which equipment is best for your needs.

Impact Crushing Method

Learn the basics of controlled impact crushing, pulverizing or upgrading of your material. See how we prepare and load your material and set RPMs for fine to coarse production. Watch real time horsepower consumption through start up and full load. You will see our testing process personally and receive your end product on site with a confidential, written report including:

  • Moisture analysis
  • Raw feed gradation analysis
  • Product gradation analysis
  • Bulk density
  • Abrasion test
  • Estimated metal replacement costs
  • Power requirements for startup and operation

Crush Tester Machinery

We provide assurance that you are buying the right equipment for the job. Stedman offers the following machines to test your products:

Processing Your Crushed Materials

Benefits of the Stedman Full Service Custom Toll Processing Facility are measurable on your bottom line. Save money and time by having Stedman process your material.

  • Processing material that otherwise may require significant plant reconfigurations, capital investment or substantial down-time
  • New product or process development
  • Meet a specification you can’t with your existing plant configuration
  • Keep processing during planned maintenance, or waiting for installation of a new piece of equipment

Remember these tips when sending material to Stedman:

  1. Contact Stedman prior to sending your material
  2. Send a MSDS with the material
  3. Send the material Freight Prepaid
  4. The address of the Testing and Toll Processing facility

Stedman Testing and Toll Processing
108 Indiana Avenue
Aurora, Indiana 47001
(812) 926-0038

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