Industrial Fine Grinding Mills

What is a Fine Grinding Mill?

Fine grinding mills use a series of beater plates to efficiently and effectively impact feed material to reduce the material size. Grinding is an essential step in many industrial processes, and fine grinding machines offer bulk product output and control of finished particle size.

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Fine Grinding Mill Industry & Application Usage

A wide variety of industries rely on fine grinding mills including:

  • Agricultural Industry: Applications include animal feed processing
  • Industrial Applications: Size reduction for pharmaceutical materials, food, soap and detergents, and more
  • Mining Industry: Common materials include chemicals and minerals

Stedman Machine Fine Grinding Mills

The number and kind of grinding mills are as diverse as the materials they are designed to reduce. The earliest examples are as simple as a mortar and pestle and have evolved to include the horse mill, windmill, and water mill.

Today, Stedman industrial grinding mills assist in the production of materials from A-to-Z and include modern air swept material handling and classification methods. Our range of fine grinding mills efficiently produces consistent finely ground powder products.

Micro-Max™ Fine Grinders

An air swept mill for fine grinding, the Micro-Max™ is a screen-less mill capable of producing a wide range of particle sizes for diverse industries.

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Features & Benefits

  • Replaceable Carbide beater plates
  • Ceramic and High Chrome Liners
  • Fine grinding(–325) mesh (-44?m) & below
  • Standard Heat and cyrogenic injection ports
  • Easy access for inspection & maintenance
  • Capable of grinding and drying in one pass

Test Before You Buy!

Why Test?

Stedman's testing facilities provide real-world conditions to view your materials being processed. Test out a range of different size reduction methods, saving you both time and money when selecting the proper size reduction method.

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Fine Grinding Mills FAQs

Fine grinding machines produce the best results when the following material criteria are met:

  • Non-abrasive material
  • Material breaks with impact
  • Small feed size (11/4" to -1/2", dependent on machine size)

Not sure what crushing method best suits your material? Schedule your testing today!

Particle output size is dependant on many factors including feed size and machine size. If you are considering a Fine Grinding Mill in order to achieve your target particle size, consider the following:

  • Depending on material, high percentages of -325 mesh are possible
  • Capable of making -200 mesh distributions
  • Certain materials may go finer
  • Coarser distributions may be possible with higher airflow

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